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A journey is about Planning the journey, taking preparation, Hitting the way, Reaching the goal & maintaining the purpose. In this article, you get a full idea about how you can take little steps towards the big decision and how one decision can change your life to study in the UK

Study in the UK
Study in the UK


Planning the journey towards Study in the UK

If you are here reading this article, we guess you are already thinking to migrate to the UK or thinking to pursue a degree in the UK. But first, you need to know why you should choose to Study in the UK over any other country in the world. Here we show you why:

  • The UK is not like other countries in terms of educational history. The UK carries a long history of excellence in education. You know history is created only with remarkable stories.
  • London and other cities around are known as student cities so students get the most of the privileges everywhere around the city.
  • The UK is a hub of different cultures as there are many international students. SO it is easy to cope up there.
  • British culture is something to get fascinated about. You get to experience British culture while in the UK.
  • You get so many university choices while applying for the UK.
  • Hundreds of courses make your UK study more relatable to your interest.
  • Almost everywhere you get a chance of scholarship with an average to excellent result.
  • From 2020 and onwards, students will get 2 years of work permit after their master’s course.
  • The Master’s program in the UK is only a year-long unlike any other country of the world.
Study in the UK
Study in the UK

Taking preparation

Taking preparation for study in the UK is quite easy and definitely not as complicated as you think it is. While planning, you will have an idea about the lifestyle, finances and other related measures. You can consult with an expert agent for the processing of your documents and VISA.

If you choose some agents who are directly delegates to the universities, it would be very cost-effective yet helpful for you. However you plan, Do make sure you have an IELTS score of 6 and no less than 5.5 to get admitted in any middle to high ranked universities.

Study in the UK
Study in the UK


Hitting the way

In this step, you are actually going to do it. Till now you have been planning but now you will face the process. Get prepared and HIT it with your best effort.

The steps of processing are almost like:

Study in the UK
Study in the UK


Reaching the goal & maintaining the purpose

Once you get your VISA to study in the UK, you can fly anytime you want but before your classes start. If you have an accommodation plan already you are all set to go. But if you plan to stay in the university dorm, you will have to apply and pay along with the tuition fee.

After reaching there, it might seem tough for a few days but you know, in any kind of situation, you can always ask help from our headquarter in London. Also, the university authority will be very helpful to you in any pressure.

After you get along with the environment, do apply for a part-time job. You will be allowed to work 20 hours a week (workdays) and full time on holidays during, your study in the UK. This is important if you have plans to live insolvency.

One tip is, once you settle for a part-time job and your semsters are running as well, just go with the flow and don’t let any confusion arise in your head.

Study in the UK
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